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Making A Wood Call

"Making a Wood Call"

By: Scott Threinen

3 Time World Live Goose Calling Champion


Making a Wood Call - Molt GearWhen call making started years ago, before the fancy CNC machines turing acrylic became the norm, calls where turned in house out of wood by hand. Last year, we made the decision to start offering wood calls, and in keeping with the tradition of call making history, instead of going with machine shop production, we decided to make each wood call one at a time, by hand, right here in house. We felt we owe that to the customer, even if the process takes longer and its more of a wait, hunters purchasing wood calls believe in the same values that each wood call should be made by hand, and in doing so pays respect to the many before us that used to make calls this way!


Making a Wood Call - Molt GearBuilding a wood call starts with a good piece of wood, our Red Cedar comes from our family farm from dead, fallen down red cedars in the woods. We hand pick out the chunks that offer the most character, we also order exceptional grade birdseye to ensure top quality along with all the other species we offer. From there, parts are cut down and drilled to size depending on which call we are making out of them. Then each piece is turned out by hand on a duplicating lathe.




Making a Wood Call - Molt GearAfter each part is turned out, then we go back and drill out the inside contour's to make sure the wood calls match the acrylics. Some of the inside drilling process is done free hand, as there are not bits that can duplicate these angles on a lathe. After the inside contours are finished, we then hand stand each piece for a smooth, gloss style finish. This starts with a rough sanding down to a fine water sanding finish, all done by hand.

After sanding, we then finish each call by hand. With adhesive and drying spray each coat is put on by hand one at a time to give the call a smooth, gloss finish consistent through the whole call. After this is done, we hand glue in a acrylic gut sleeve in. Using a acrylic gut sleeve insures a more constant gut fit and long lasting durability with the call. After this is done each call goes to the engraver and is hand painted and hand tuned one at a time.

Making a Wood Call - Molt GearBeing able to turn our wood calls here in house by hand not only pays respect to the early years, but also allows us to match wood grains throughout the call. Each call will have a consistent wood grain flow throughout. In a fast pace, high tech world, its nice to have something in your hands working birds during your favorite time of year knowing it was made with the care and touch only one at a time can deliver. Molt Gear wood calls, done in house, by hand, one at a time to ensure a one of a kind season!




  Making a Wood Call - Molt Gear Making a Wood Call - Molt Gear  
  Making a Wood Call - Molt Gear Making a Wood Call - Molt Gear  
  Making a Wood Call - Molt Gear    

Until next time,

Scott Threinen