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Articles from Molt Gear

Insights into Goose hunting and Goose calling from Scott Threinen and the Molt Gear crew.

"Making a Wood Call" by Scott Threinen
When call making started years ago, before the fancy CNC machines turing acrylic became the norm, calls where turned in house out of wood by hand. Last year, we made the decision to start offering wood calls, and in keeping with the tradition of call making history, ...Read More

Mike Win's MVCC Open Goose
Burlington. IA is the home of the Mississippi Valley Calling Classic every February. This is a one day show that includes some of the most prestige's contest in the country, as well as a vendor set up area. For a one day show, this events packs in a lot of vendors, people and callers. ...Read More

2014 Molt Gear Instructional Goose Hunts
The dates have been set for the 2014 Molt Gear Instructional Hunts. This year's dates are Friday November 21st through Sunday December 7th. With traveling for filming, and making calls and shipping orders, hunt dates are limited and only take place during these dates. ...Read More

Making the NEW 2013 EX3D
This year's version of the EX3D will not only come with a new look, but also new insides. After another year of perfecting the drop molding process we use to make the D's, we felt it would be the perfect time to give the call a cosmetic facelift. ....Read More

Making of Goose Society 2
In the first Goose Society we started a unique outline for hunting videos, one that took a detailed look in a hunting topic and also broke down each hunt in the video. This concept was approved by hunters because they could relate to it and one we loved to do, ...Read More

Geese in the Cross-Wind
Hunting late season Canada Geese can be a challenge. However, if enough effort is put into scouting to find their roosting, loafing and feeding areas, it can also be very rewarding. ...Read More

First Trip to LAP (Lac Qui Parle)
Growing up just outside the renowned giant goose hunting capital of Rochester Minnesota really didn’t put much pressure on me to chase geese anywhere else in the state. The hunting was pretty consistent from early season until the last day of the year. ...Read More

Sleeper Hold
When it comes to waterfowl hunting I have always stressed realism…in calling, flagging, spread location in the field, and the look of the decoy spread itself. Rochester Minnesota offers some great late season hunting, so we wanted to have a spread that ...Read More

The Migration is on…
After a couple months of seasonably warm weather in the upper Midwest, a major cold front and snow swath has passed through pushing thousands of ducks and geese south. The timing of the storm was perfect ...Read More

First 2 Society Staff Members:
The Society staff is something we have been thinking about doing for along time, and finally we have moved forward with it. Society staff members will be guys that love to hunt and share their knowledge of it as much as we do. ...Read More

"The Making of The Duck Society - Vol 1" By: Scott Threinen

The Duck Society Vol. 1will be taking an inside look into DUCKS!  From behavior patterns, migrations patterns, feeding patterns north to south, and looking at what ducks really look like! As the series goes on, we will be taking an inside look into decoys, decoy spreads, concealment and calling. But we start with... Read full article

"An Inside Look Into The Goose Society" By Scott Threinen

The Goose Society follows the same principles as our calling instructional series Bad Grammer, and that's education using the "bird first" philosophy. This series will be taking an inside look into...Read full article..

"Putting It Together" By Scott Threinen

As I surf around the web checking out forum sites, there is one question that is constantly brought up. How to get started? Meaning, how should someone just starting put together a contest routine... Read full article...

"Calling Geese with Realism" By Scott Threinen

Have you ever gone to the local park to feed the geese and wanted to know what they where saying to each other, or better yet, what it meant?...Read full article...

"The Honk" By Scott Threinen

First things first, the only masters in the sport of waterfowling are the birds themselves. They are the ones with all the answers......Read full article...

"Scott Threinen Joins Final Approach Staff"

World champion goose caller Scott Threinen, of Rochester, MN has joined the Final Approach Advisory Staff. Scott is an active contest caller who currently holds over 25 major calling titles.......Read full article...