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Goose Society 3

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Goose Society 2 by Scott Threinen - Molt Gear

The Duck Society by Scott Threinen - Molt Gear

The Goose Society by Scott Threinen - Molt Gear

Bad Grammer DVD by Scott Thrienen - Molt Gear

Stage Grammer DVD by Scott Threinen - Molt Gear

Bad Grammer CD by Scott Threinen - Molt Gear

Recent News

EX-Reflex D Goose call
The EX-Reflex D Goose call was built for unmatched durability, tone and speed, a pure in-the-field goose calling machine.  See all the Waterfowl Calls from Molt Gear!

Q-Ax Duck Call & Magic Mike Goose Flag
We recently added a new waterfowl call for duck hunting, the Q-Ax Duck Call and we also have the promised Magic Mike Goose Flag! See all the Waterfowl Calls from Molt Gear!

EX-Reflex Goose Call
Designed by Scott Threinen to do one thing: sound like a goose. A mid range interior goose, a slow-rolling, refuge, giant of the north, or a high-pitch high flying lesser. Simply put the EX-REFLEX is all goose....which ever one you hunt. Order yours today!

Goose Society III
Goose Society III from Scott Threinen and Molt Gear is now available for purchase. Click here to order yours now. Don't be the last hunter in your group to see this video.

Mike Win's MVCC Open Goose
Burlington. IA is the home of the Mississippi Valley Calling Classic every February. This is a one day show that includes some of the most prestige's contest in the country, as well as a vendor set up area. For a one day show, this events packs in a lot of vendors, people and callers. ...Read More

Molt Gear, home to goose calling instructionals Bad Grammar CD, Bad Grammar DVD, Stage Grammer, and goose hunting instructional DVDs, the Goose Society, Goose Society 2 and Goose Society 3. If you are a Duck hunter, check out our Duck Society. We also have a line of Goose Calls we designed and developed and don't forget about our Molt Gear Apparel.

At Molt Gear, we are a company that works to find new, creative ways to hunt, call, and understand waterfowl. Each product goes through various stages of research. It starts with countless hours of studying the bird, then goes through steps to prove the theory out in the field, and finally captures it on film.

Molt Gear also stands for and uses the 'Bird First' philosophy. Today’s waterfowl hunting is always changing, wheather it would be in gear, or methods in hunting, nothing will prove what works better then the bird itself. We create products that help waterfowl hunter’s better understand the bird, and have a better knowledge of what works out in the field, day in and day out. We will continue to work under these principles to produce the best products possible and help you 'Hunt Alive!'.

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